Before Moving To Tucson from Out-of-State

 moving to tucsonMoving to a different state can be a big change for many people and families. There are many little tasks that need to be accomplished, and some are forgotten in the rush of the moving process. Here are three items to help give an idea of what needs to be completed for a move.


From your credit card information to your driver’s license, all of your personal, sensitive information will need to be updated when you move out of state. Ideally, taking care of most of it before the move will make life much easier when you get to your new home.

There are many websites that can help with updating information., not affiliated with the actual DMV, compiles a list of everything DMV-related for those moving to another state, including registration information and helpful tips. You can also visit the Arizona state website for resident information.


Whether you’re young or old, you will most likely need a doctor in your town for check-ups and treatment. There are many doctors in Tucson and it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for you. Services like HealthGrades and RateMDS can help those moving to Tucson find a doctor that meets their needs and criteria, as well as read reviews by them.

Alternatively, your place of employment should be able to assist you in finding a doctor, dentist, or other medical professional. Knowing your doctor will make life easier if you suddenly fall ill and need to visit one.


Perhaps most important in the moving process is proper planning. Moving from one city to another can be difficult, but moving to a completely different state can be very tiring. If you have to start a new job on a certain day, you don’t want to arrive the night before.

Plan to give yourself a few days before your new job starts or before school starts for your children. This will give you the flexibility to have everything set up in your home, get an idea of the city, and start settling in before the normal routine starts up again.

Having the entire picture in hand before a move can make the transition easy and painless. Create a list of everything that needs to be done before your move to Arizona and check them off one by one as they are completed.

To execute the perfect plan, consider hiring local Tucson movers. They will be able to drive out to you and move you right into the city without hassle. If you hire an experienced moving company, boxing, shipping, and picking things up will be one less thing you must plan for.

To find out more or for a free moving estimate, visit

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3 Reasons to Hire Local Movers Instead of Your Friends

tucson moversThe decision to hire local movers over calling your friends is one that many across the country ask themselves. On one hand, it is much cheaper to call some of your friends and go through the moving process as a close group. It makes it seem less taxing and more of an event On the other hand, some people wonder if friends can do the same job as well as a local moving company.

Local movers bring with them a number of positives that make hiring them the more practical decision. Here are three reasons why:

Local Movers Are Professional

When hiring any business for a service, clients want the employees to be professional with their work. Local movers strive to uphold the good name of their company and display a level of professionalism that is noteworthy and memorable. Good moving companies will treat you with respect, arrive on time, handle your items with care, and never cheat you out of money.

Friends can certainly be professional as well, but it is more likely that a friend can call and back out at the last minute. Since they are your friends, you do not get too upset at them. After all, things happen. If a local mover backed out at the last minute, however, it would look bad on the company and anger the client.

Local Movers Are Trained

Generally speaking, friends are not trained in moving, unless they are moving specialists by trade. A lack of training does not mean that moving cannot be done, but it does mean that the move might not be as smooth as it could be. Tucson movers package and transport items for a living, and they know the area well. It is their job to make sure that your belongings are moved from Point A to Point B without incident. Friends want to ensure the same thing, but their jobs and business are probably not in jeopardy if something happens to any items.

Not only that, local moving specialists are more adept at lifting and moving the heavy objects as opposed to people who do not have to do it much. Training gives them the knowledge to avoid injuries and damages to items, whereas a lack of training can cause issues during the process.

They Are Efficient

Professional movers know the ins and outs of moving, so much that they are quite efficient at it. If they were not, no one would hire them! Local movers know what needs to be done to move anything in your home, whether it is furniture, large electronics, or delicate items. They know how to lift and move boxes, how to carry out furniture, and how to pack materials in a moving truck. Local movers have done it all before and know what works and what does not. While others can get the job done, local movers do it much more efficiently.

Moving with friends can be a lot of fun, but local moving specialists have the knowledge and training to make sure that your move is done on time and with as little problem as possible. To learn more, contact your local moving company. To find out more or for a free moving estimate, visit

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The Top 3 Moving Mistakes

moving to a new homeOnce it is certain you will be moving, the focus goes straight to where, when, and how. Where will the new home be? When will you start at the new job or school? How can you ensure that everything will be packed and moved safely?

While these questions are key to a successful move, they still might make you forget other factors that are less obvious, but still crucial for a good moving experience.

Forgetting Yourself

If you have not already hired a moving company, it is likely that you may have forgotten your own needs as a mover. For instance, what if you get hungry or thirsty during the move? Or what if you need those Band-Aids that are packed away in the back of the toiletries box?

Well before the packing begins and the moving truck’s engine revs up, take a moment to think about the things you may need to ensure that you have taken care of yourself during the move. You will want to have easy access to things like phone chargers, first aid, and of course, the basics of food and water. There may be other things that you personally will find helpful, like ice packs if you are moving in the heat of a Tucson summer.

Furthermore, consider packing a “survival kit.” This kit will include everything you need to survive for a few days, so it will have things like clean underwear, perhaps some instant coffee, basic toiletries, and any necessary medications. This way, once you arrive at your new home, you can rest easy without diving into half of your well-packed boxes just to find the toothpaste.

Skimping on Preparations

There are some obvious ways you will have to prepare for a move, but there are many less obvious preparations to make as well. Be sure to consider things like the Tucson rush hour, for instance, so that you don’t have to extend your travel-time any longer than necessary. Other considerations include what your children may need that isn’t so obvious, like a special toy, blanket, or snack.  If your child starts throwing a tantrum, that favorite gummy treat may be the difference between a smooth moving experience and a migraine headache.

If you are moving with an animal companion, check to ensure you have any leashes you may need, as well as extra food for them and dishes that they can drink from. Hopefully, any documentation of vaccinations and vet records are already packed away and ready to go.

Setting an Unrealistic Timetable

Another key aspect of preparation is giving yourself the time you need. Many Tucson movers forget the fact that sorting, packing, and moving takes a long time, especially for those not familiar with the moving process. It’s one of the reasons why we love to help, and we are in the moving company business. But if you’ve opted to move on your own, give yourself plenty of time so you can pack everything sensibly and move it all successfully without hurting yourself or damaging any belongings.

Most movers are not familiar with the process of moving all of one’s belongings across the city, state, or country. Of course you already know that it is a difficult process, with lots to think about, and many different, crucial components at play. If you can remember to take care of yourself and your loved ones while giving yourself enough time to do everything right, you can tackle the challenge of moving successfully.

To find out more or for a free moving estimate, visit

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Moving Insurance and Liability Policies

InsuranceSome people are understandably anxious when it comes to entrusting their valuables with local movers. There are many items that just cannot be replaced if something were to happen, while others are hard to replace because of their value.

Even though moving specialists pride themselves on being careful with valuables, there is always a chance that something could go wrong during a move. Whether a box accidentally falls, items are not packed properly, or there is an accident, it is important to be prepared. This is why you should understand a moving company’s insurance or valuation policy prior to hiring one.

Consult With Your Local Moving Company

Before agreeing to hire local moving company, discuss their insurance and liability coverage policies. Not all companies use the same method of measurement, but liability and insurance will generally be based on either the weight of the items or its full value. For example, policies based on weight will reimburse its clients based on the damaged item’s weight. Policies based on full value will simply reimburse clients based on the retail value for the item, or its comparable worth today. Most moving companies will offer some form of insurance outright, which will be noted in the contract.

Take Steps Beforehand

It will save a lot of trouble if you make sure to assess your items before the move. Know what is already broken and what is not, and make sure to take many pictures of your valuable items before having them packed and loaded away on moving day. Weigh your boxes and items beforehand, and come up with a realistic value of your belongings. Keep a record of all this information in case something happens to go awry during loading and unloading. Even if the move is smooth, this process will help keep track of your inventory.

The right professional moving company will take the proper steps towards protecting your items while on the move so insurance does not have to come into question. However, unavoidable and unforeseen issues can happen and items can become damaged. Knowing how your moving company handles these mishaps will allow you to take the necessary steps beforehand to protect your items.

To find out more or for a free moving estimate, visit

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What Not to Pack When Moving to College

Pratt-University-College-Students-MovingCollege is a chance for new beginnings and new adventures. The moving process can be exciting, as it signifies the next chapter in a young adult’s life. Moving itself, however, can raise questions, such as which items to pack and which ones to leave behind. Some items will expire or decay when being moved, while others might be very hard to replace in the event something unforeseen happens. Here are several items that should – not be moved and a few others that deserve special consideration.

Food and Plants

As much as we want to take Mom’s cooking with us to college, perishable foods and leftovers should really not be packed during a move. They quickly rot, leak, and cause the entire moving truck to smell foul. Additionally, foods that have been left out for long periods of time can develop bacteria, causing health concerns. However, freezing food can help keep it safe for a short period of time, and you can always thaw it later to eat. If that is not possible, it is best to leave it behind.

Plants can also be an issue. If they tip over, the soil can spill everywhere, and placing plants in the back of a truck for long periods of time can cause them to wither and die, especially in the hot Tucson climate. Take extra precautions if you want to move your plant, and consult your local moving company to determine what can be done.

Old/Unused Items

Besides taking up space, unused belongings make it more difficult for moving specialists to load and unload your items. They also require you to deal with more items when you finish your move, which can cause more headache.

Some students will want to take just about everything in their room to their dorm, while others are unsure of what should go and what should not. Before packing, sit down and really think about some of your items to see if they deserve to make the move or not. Ideally, you will be leaving some belongings behind.

Important Documents

Documents such as your passports or licenses should be kept with you at all items during a move. This is not to say that you cannot trust your moving specialists or that your items are not safe with them, but documents like passports are much harder to replace than something like a table or some clothes. If you keep your important documents with you during the move, you can rest easy knowing exactly where they are.

No matter the method, ensure that you have this information with you. You could use a folder, wallet, or even a fanny pack. Use whatever method helps you to remember these items and keep them safe.

Consult with your local moving specialist to determine what should and should not be packed when moving. College is a chance for a fresh start, and you do not want that new beginning to be held back by a room full of unnecessary items.

To find out more or for a free moving estimate, visit

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From a College Student: The 3 Best Reasons to Hire a Moving Company

student-storageFor many parents who have helped move their children to or from college, the three best reasons to hire a moving company might be (1) packed elevators, (2) never-ending stairwells, and (3) unbelievably messy rooms to pack up and ship out. But a student’s perspective tells a bit of a different story. To help you decide what is best for you in your specific living situation, here are three of the best reasons why hiring a moving company helps, from a college student’s perspective.

Meet the Deadline, Avoid the Fine

When final exams, term papers, and end-of-semester projects keep students living at the library, it’s easy to forget that there are major deadlines to meet outside of school. Residency halls, apartment complexes, and the many forms of student housing typically have tough policies regarding checkout times. Once the semester ends, these residency halls have their own deadlines to meet: deadlines for cleaning, inspecting, and renovating old rooms. To facilitate these needs, students will typically have to clean, clear out, and thoroughly inspect their prior living space – sometimes even if they plan on returning after the break. If a residency hall’s policies are not followed, renters often charge fines or extra fees.

Checkout times at the end of the semester can also be the busiest time of all. It is no longer just students scurrying around to study, get to class, and live life; now, their friends and parents will be in tow, adding to the tumult! To keep your head on straight and meet the deadlines to avoiding the fines, hire a moving company to expedite a focused, stress-free moving day.

Keep Your Cool

“Stress-free” is nearly the exact opposite of a college student’s day-to-day experience. Especially at the end of the year, students are wrapping up two semesters of learning, both in school and life. The time will likely have flown faster than they could have imagined. After the high stakes and pressure of completing final exams, students might want to take it easy and spend time processing the life lessons of that year. Professional movers can provide this much-needed reprieve.

Ace the Real Test

After passing the SAT, ACT, and all the high school or end-of-semester exams, a new college student may feel like they finally “get it.” The graduate has finally graduated. Yet the skill set and knowledge base required for a successful move takes more than study time and “book smarts;” it takes real-world experience. To have the best moving experience that is efficient, cost-effective, and safe, hiring a moving company is the best option.

There is no risk of heat exhaustion during a summer move, parental exhaustion during a particularly tough move, or the possibility of breaking special items as they are carried down narrow stairs or across long halls. There’s no question about it: to make the smartest choice for an optimal moving experience, a qualified moving company can help. To find out more or for a free moving estimate, visit

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3 Things to Remember When Moving to Tucson

climateMoving to a new city can be a bit frightening, especially if it’s one a move to in another state. An unfamiliar town can make adjusting very difficult, and knowing very little about it beforehand will make it that much harder.

For those looking to call Tucson home, here are some general facts and information that can give you a better idea of the city.


For those moving to Tucson from the South or other similar areas, the Arizona weather will not be too much of a shock. For those coming from cool or snowy areas, it might take some time to adjust.

Tucson weather, and Arizona weather in general, is notorious for being dry and hot. Summer temperatures are around 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and roughly 80 degrees in the evening when it cools down. It can be very difficult for those not accustomed to living in such hot conditions. If you are moving from colder areas, expect to dress lightly, apply sunscreen, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.


There are many different areas of Tucson, each offering its own aspect of Tucson. The central part of Tucson is great for those working in the city or students attending the University of Arizona. The northern areas, and any of the neighborhoods near the mountains, are perfect for Tucsonians who prefer being closer to nature while still being able to access the main city with a short drive. Great and high-ranked schools, such as the Academy of Tucson and Presidio High School, can be found all over the city.

Cost of Living

Much like the previous point, cost of living depends on where you live. Many neighborhoods near the mountain ranges have homes costing millions, while other neighborhoods, such as those in the east, feature more affordable homes. Gasoline tends to run a bit lower than other cities, and homes are roughly $100,000 on average, though this median price depends on where in Tucson you live and the type of home you want.

Tucson is a vibrant and beautiful city with something to offer anyone moving to it. Those looking to call Tucson home will certainly not be disappointed. To find out more or for a free moving estimate, visit

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